Breast Cancer Survivor - Neena Mansoor

A regular checkup played an important role in the early detection of Neena’s cancer which was diagnosed in 2008.

She shares with us the importance of making informed decisions when moving forward with the treatment, and highlights the immense support she received from her loved ones during this time.

Breast Cancer Survivor - Fathun Saeedha

Meet Fathun Saeedha, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017 and is currently on the road to recovery. Fathun shares with us the tremendous effort her colleagues at UNDP Maldives made to ensure that she had all the support needed after the diagnosis. She is able to continue doing what she loves because of the supportive environment her colleagues created around her.

Fathun is a fighter, taking on every challenge that comes her way with a positive outlook. For her, even cancer was a blessing in disguise. This is her story!

Breast Cancer Survivor - Nadia Hussain

Meet Nadia Hussain, whose story with breast cancer began in 2007. More than 10 years later, she shares the journey with us and talks about the recovery process with the help of a tight knit group of friends and family members around her.

For Nadia, it is important to share her story to change the stigma surrounding cancer in our society. She believes in a positive environment helping the recovery process and encourages everyone to surround themselves with a strong support group.

Aafeshun Song by Detune Band

"Aafeshun" a song dedicated to all cancer patients and survivors.

Detuneband in collaboration with Cancer Society of Maldives.

Vaagi Edhen

A very touching song by Zarana Zareer, vocals by Shifa Thoufeeq, video by Mohamed Musthafa Hussein. The lyrics of the song expresses emotions felt by cancer patients/survivors. Thank you Nadia Hussain for initiating & A big thank you for the wonderful gift to Cancer Support Group.

Kurehumun Faruvaa

Song released at Enigma Exhibition in memory of Hassan Haleem.

Thanks to Ahmed Amir , Aminath Namza

And for making the video - Thanks to King Sam and Haazima Husnee

In Association with Cancer Society of Maldives