Screening and Awareness at K.Maafushi and K.Guraidhoo

Total 192 people screened for oral cancer and 131 people screened for breast cancer at K. Maafushi and Guraidhoo.

Thank you Maafushi Health Center, Maafushi School, Maafushi council, K. Guraidhoo Health Center, Guraidhoo school and Guraidhoo council for your support and assistance in organizing and implementing the program. Thank you Kaani Grand Seaview and Kaani Beach Hotel Maafushi for accommodation and food arrangements at Maafushi and Guraidhoo council for arranging accommodation in Guraidhoo.

A very big thank you Dr Shifan, Dr Jumey, Dr Ruhsha, Dr Nazaahath, Dr Razaan, Dr Diyana, Dr Saleem and Dr Mifthah for your hard work and dedication. 
Our work will not be possible without your volunteerism and commitment. 
Thank you to everyone else on our team also for your part in making the trip successful and enjoyable.