Screening and Awareness at Lh.Atoll

A total of 230 people were screened for breast cancer, 261 for oral cancer and 35 people were screened for cervical cancer  in this 2-day program in Lh. Naifaru and Hinnavaru  22-23rd March 2019. General cancer awareness session was conducted at Lh.Hinnavaru School for grade 6-11 students and awareness session for HPV vaccine was conducted for the public at Lh.Hinnavaru School 

Thank you Dr Jumailath Beygum, Dr Mohamed Shifan, Dr Aishath Azna Ali, Dr Majidha Ali, Dr Sachin Verma and Dr Nazahath Abbas for taking the time to join this Cancer Awareness and Breast, Oral and Cervical Cancer Screening program for the people of Lhaviyani Atoll.Thank you for making this program a success. We appreciate your support to CSM and our programs.

Thank you, Hinnavau Health Center, Hinnavaru School, Hinnavaru council, K. Lh.Atoll Hospital, and Naifaru council for your support and assistance in organizing and implementing the program. Thank you HINUS NGO for taking the initiative to do this program and for the food arrangements at Lh.Hinnavaru . Thank you Girl Guides (Maldives Girl Guides Association) of Lh.a.e.c for helping with the Cancer Screening program at Hinnavaru. Your assistance has made the program smoother and more effective. Thank you Juvenile NGO for accommodation, arranging transfer from Lh.Hinnavaru – Lh.Naifaru  and food arrangements Lh.Naifaru. Thank you for your effortless work in making this screening a success. I CAN WE CAN YOU CAN HELP PREVENT CANCER!