Cancer screening and Awareness at Adh.Atoll

During the two-day Cancer screening and awareness program, screening was done in Adh.Maamigili on 19th July and Adh.Mahibadhoo on 20th July. 
Breast cancer awareness sessions were conducted along with the screening programs to all the people who come to get screened and leaflets with signs, symptoms and self-examination techniques outlined were distributed to the rest of the population through the health centres. 
In the 2-day screening program, at Adh.Maamigili which was done at the Maamigili Health Centre   116 people were screened for breast cancer, 117 people were screened for Oral Cancer and 43 for Cervical Cancer. At Adh.Mahibadhoo screening which was done in the Adh.Atoll Hospital, 94 people were screened for Breast Cancer ,108 people were screened for Oral Cancer and 54 for Cervical Cancer. A total of 210 for Breast Cancer, 225 for Oral Cancer and 97 were screened for Cervical Cancer over the 2-day program.